A new beginning

With my new website starts a brand new blog. I have been severely lacking at creating blog content the last few years. I am hoping to be able to keep some new content on here this time around. Personal thoughts, travel updates, tutorials, my favorite movies, anything that moves me. Its often hard for me write about what I do, I am not the greatest with words.

I do know that in the last few years that I have found a deep love for traveling the festival circuit. I have met some of the most amazing people. Seen some amazing art, and some beautiful landscapes. I traveld though Texas and fell in love with how proud Texans are of the place they live. I stared at the ocean in California in awe at how big and powerful it is. Traveling across many states through beautiful landscapes is very inspiring. I think the most moved I have ever been was in a trip to a festival in Bend, OR, then heading to Portland after to spend time with some friends.

This was my first trip to the Northwest. Walking into the forest is almost a religious experience, surrounded by beauty, walking on a soft carpet of pine needles. I cant wait to return. I was able to work with two friends while there. It is kind of funny that both ladies I worked with are from Utah. The models in the photos are Cheryl, a great friend for years, and Haily who recently moved up to the area. The green, the moss, the smells of the forest. I will be back soon.

Now that it is winter in ice cold Utah, I will be spending some time creating new work, playing with new concepts and formats and getting ready for spring shows when I can be back on the road. I really never did like driving long distances, but now that the season is over I find myself craving it.

Hailey: instagram
Chained By Carrion: instagram



  1. Mike Roberts

    I have only see the photo on the lower left before, which I liked, but I especially love the one of Cheryl, with whom I was fortunate to make many beautiful images.

    I like the upper-left photo, as well. It would be marvelous to photograph models in that environment.

    I look forward to seeing your creative energies expressed here in the future.

  2. randall

    Sometimes I think it is easier to just express ourselves than try to explain our feelings or describe the journey… but I always like to read these insights when others are willing to do the hard work of recording them. Great work!

    • Chris

      Thank you for the kind words. Its really hard for me to put what I feel into words. But I want to share as much as I can. Though art is truly my emotional release.

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