Wasatch Studio Tour

I will be doing a studio show with the artist of “Mothers of Prima Materia” for the Wasatch Studio Tour.

Wasatch Studio Tour is the perfect opportunity for art enthusiasts, collectors or those wanting to learn more about art to connect with artists in the space they make their work.

If you haven’t experienced a large open studio event, imagine a city-wide art stroll where a wide variety of art is on display, open to the public for two days and you get the picture. Except with Wasatch Studio Tour you get the chance to meet the artist, learn more about their process and purchase art directly from the artist! Most cities our size, and many smaller, have well established and very popular open studio tours. It’s time for SLC to join this list beginning in October 2019.

Wasatch Studio Tour will will offer something for everyone, with artists working in a variety of media including clay, glass, wood, fiber, drawing and painting, assemblage, metal, stone, collage, ceramic, fiber, found object, digital, photography and more.

Keep up with shows and new image releases.