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So this time of year is one that many of us reflect on the entire year that has past. I know 2016 was a trying year for me, and I am looking forward to the new year to make improvements. I have been thinking more and more about being a better person. Its hard to be a good person sometimes. Not that I want to be evil or a rude person, but sometimes  you get wrapped up in your own life and see everything through your own rose colored glasses. So I have been working hard to just be a person that gives more love, more respect, and more kindness. I am far from perfect but I am aware of the direction I want to move my life.

I created this image with the lovely Nyph Gwendolyn Jane that reflected  how I feel more as this year draws to a close. The image Lighthouse to me represents finding your way, no matter how desolate your surrounding may be, that there is always hope, and someone who is willing to be there. The strongest connection in life is having someone believe you, care about you, love you.

Giving is so important!

I know I have been lucky. I may not be rich or famous, but I am in love with what I do. I have a supportive family that will always be there for me, never let me slip to far. I have amazing friends that have been there for me in so many ways, inspiration and helping me believe in myself. I was watching a TV show on netflix the other day “The Moaning of Life”, and depite the fact that it is full of dumb banter and is rediculais (the reason I watch it) there was a part where the host was with a man who had made a fortune and would go out and hide thousands of dollars for people to find. Giving, just to give, that is such a wonderful thing.

How you can get a free print 🙂

I decided that I am going to give 100 dollars to a stranger, someone that may need it, picked at random during the days leading up to Christmas. I have the 100 dollars in my wallet, and when the moment is right I will share it with another. It may not be a lot (well to me its a pretty decent amount) but to someone it may make a world of difference. Someone will know that other people care. I don’t intend on announcing it when I do it, I am doing it for me. But to anyone who want to join in, if you give a stranger 100 dollars before Christmas just email me and I will give you a free 8×10 print of your choice. You can come pick up from me, if you are not close I can ship it to you if you pay shipping (7 bucks anywhere in the US, 17 abroad). I will take your word for it, no proof necessary, just do it to feel good.  To spread the love. Give 100 dollars to a stranger before Christmas and I will give you a free print.

We all have the power to change the world into a more positive place. It simply starts with actions, big or small. We all have the power to love, just like we all yearn to be loved. Lets start spreading that love around.


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