God Bless Texas

So the start of spring brings the start of festival season. I have really been yearning to get on the road. I am falling in love with the traveling. To be able to go to a new state, a new city, and meet new and interesting people is just amazing. Not to mention the friends you make on the road, other artist traveling as well. There is a real sense of friendship among the artist and its always nice to catch up with some of them you have not seen in a while.

When I was packing up to leave Utah it was a cold rainy morning. Is was not long before I pasted through it though, and broke out into nice clear roads as I headed south. The drive down to Texas is a long drive, I take two days spending the night in Albuquerque. I dont think I could have fit anymore in my little Chevy Astrovan. But is has been a reliable viehicle and nothing but the sound of the road and Howard Stern and NPR on the XM radio (a must for long drives) is a strange comfort.




The drive is actually filled with a log of pretty scenery. At least if you dont travel this way often. It changes unlike the road to San Francisco, that seems to be the same patch of sagebrush over and over again. Its nice the way you can really get lost in your thoughts, you have a lot of time to reflect on yourself, your art, your life. I feel like it really gets the creative juices flowing, and fine myself making voice notes of ideas on my phone throughout the trip. It makes you feel humble to see the sky open up in front of you knowing you have hours and hours to go.




I got to Texas a day early, I wanted to make sure I had some extra time in case I ran into any mechanical problems. I showed up at my first festival in Deep Ellum right at the start of sign in. And was set up pretty early. Giving me time to visit a few friends and catch dinner with a few fellow artist. The festival itself had a slow start for me. Friday was a bit cold and rainy, but the next two days got better each day and there was a huge turnout. The Deep Ellum area is definitely vibrant and diverse, and the festival does a great job of bringing people from all around in to enjoy art, music and food.




I would have to say I felt like the weekend was definitely a success. I made a lot of sales, met a lot of really cool people, and had a lot of fun. I tell you what, I had some amazing conversation with a very diverse crowd. There is really no art loving type, everyone can love art, be moved by something. And with all the amazing art at the show it was easy for everyone to find something that they could enjoy. Its always nice when someone shows up to your booth and said they have to buy a piece of art because they thought about it all night and could not get it out of there mind. I always feel a flattered when someone purchases a work and wants to put it in there home. Just as rewarding is seeing people that you met the previous year that tell you that they love the work they bought and that it is hanging proudly in there house. I always love hearing that they still make a connection with my work. It reminds you of why you are doing this, even when at times you feel down about things when they are not booming. Seeing people make an emotional connection is one of the best feeling in the world.

I am really looking forward to the next 3 shows coming up. I still have the Lubbock Arts Festival, Denton Art and Jazz Festival, and Pecan Street Festival in Austin. You can see my schedule here. I have done Lubbock before, West Texas is definitely different than the rest of the area I am normally in. It has a much more conservative feel to it. But I feel very apprecaited by so many people that are happy to see a wide range of art shown. The Denton Art and Jazz Festival, and Pecan Street Festival are both new to me. I am really looking forward to both. I am staying with my Dad in Denton where he lives, so it will be nice to show so close. As well as I talked to many people in Deep Ellum that plan to attend as well. And you can not deny that you will always have fun when you visit Austin Texas so I am pretty excited about that as well.

Also when in Texas make sure you eat lots of TexMex, BBQ, and visit the Kimbell Art Museum, a truly wonderful experience. Waling through the beautiful building and being able to stand inches away from masterpieces that will just melt your soul. I will visit it every time I am in Texas.




To all who stop and talk to me, buy my work, or just share a good conversation with me, I am deeply honored. And to all of my friend who travel this gypsy lifestyle to bring art to everyone, safe travels, and I will see you down the road 🙂


  1. Jennifer Pikey

    Hey! I met you today at the Pecan Street festival, and talked to you for a few minutes about my daughter who is trying to do modeling in a style similar to your photography. I wanted to say how beautiful and moving your work is, I really enjoyed seeing it. It’s an incredibly raw and refreshing way you have of capturing women in amazing settings. I am not a religious person, but I’ve always been moved by religious icons and imagery from around the world. Byzantine is one of my favorite periods, and I had the opportunity about ten years ago to spend the night in a 1,200 year old monastery that was covered in that type of artwork. I’m at a loss for description of your photos, and I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. I’ve been to art museums around the world, including the Kimball you mentioned in your writing, and you have a unique talent. I live between Dallas and Denton, in North Texas, and wish I could’ve brought my daughter to see your work. I will be keeping up with your blog, and hope to see you the next time you’re in Texas. I hope you found it to be a friendly and welcoming place! Safe travels.

    • Chris

      Thank you so much, I love Texas. People are very friendly, but I could sure do without the traffic 🙂

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