New site, new blog, new direction

I have never been at keeping a blog. It always seems like a daunting task to figure out what to write. What people would even be interested in reading. So I decided to use it as more of a tool for self therapy. I have long suffered from depression and anxiety. Its not something I really like to talk about or share. But this is hopefully going to be a process of healing for me. Along with some behind the scenes when I can, and my poor attempts at poetry. All and all really a journey of self. I used to write a lot, I rarely do anymore so its something I am trying to get back into.

Along with that I opened a new online store, and set up a new schedule so you can keep up with with my tour dates as I start hitting festivals. Bare with me as I try to get this blog thing figured out and try to create content that someone may enjoy reading instead of me just spewing words onto a page.

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