The Witches Tarot

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After the initial success of The Witches Tarot, Major Arcana deck, I continue to receive a great outpouring of love and support for the project. I consistently get one question from those who have purchased the deck, “when will you complete the Minor Arcana?”  I now have the answer to that question. I am currently hard at work on the next edition of The Witches Tarot, and I invite you to be part of the process.

As an artist, I make a living traveling around the country selling my art at festivals and shows. Last year, the event of COVID-19 drastically limited the amount of shows I could participate in. Instead, I spent hours of study and creative work creating my first Tarot deck, The Witches Tarot, Major Arcana. I am immensely proud of this project and the amazing feedback I received as a result. This year has brought the same obstacles with work, cutting my show schedule back to only a few events. As a result, I decided to pour my efforts into completing The Witches Tarot deck.

Along with the Minor Arcana, I have created several new archetype cards that can be unlocked with stretch goals. This deck follows the existing pattern of The Witches Tarot as a primarily female deck. All cards are represented by beautiful and powerful women with the exception of my self portrait in The Fool. I am extremely excited to bring this deck to life and put it in your hands.

Without your support, putting these beautiful projects out into the world would not be possible. I hope you are as excited to create this magic together as I am. Thank you for all  your love and support.

Major Arcana