The Ark

I always try to create scenes in my work. Almost like a still from a movie. I love nature, abandon structures, grungy walls, texture. Something that bring an element other than a plain background.  I want the image to be a second of time in a story that your mind can carry on when you look at the image. Something that inspires an emotional response. I am always attracted to art that does the same for me. When creating I love to create my own reality, bring a vision from my head into a tangible image.

I recently worked with an amazing model Sydney from St George, UT. We had a concept to shoot in the snow, a particularly cold idea. We set out in the morning that turned out to be very foggy and traveled to a small frozen pond. Walking out onto the pond we made a little nest, and she laid down in the freezing snow and ice to help create a work of art. Later when I began to edit the image I just felt like she was so peaceful and vulnerable in the image I imagined a protector. So I brought a white tiger to life in the image to guard over her.


I also want to thank Alexandra for assisting on the shoot. She was a great help in getting set up and helping to keep the model warm with robe in hand. Also an amazing artist in her right, she is a fantastic photographer that creates emotional imagery.


I do love bringing animals into shoots. Some of my favorite Photoshop composites bring in nature. There is always a lot of time and dedication to bringing in a new element and matching color, focus, grain, tones and curves, and perspective. But when it works is a really rewarding endeavor. It all comes back to creating the scene, the balance of the image so you are not focused on only the subject but on the entire piece, so your mind can wonder and explore. Here are some other animal compisions that I have done over time.


Sydney: facebook instagram

Glass Olive: instagram website
Beatrice Bones: facebook
Mercedes: facebook

Alexandra: facebook instagram

The Comp

Here are the original files before starting. A little peek behind the curtain.



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