The Sinner

Sometimes I start editing an image and just zone out to some good music and before I know it hours have passed. I often use subtle religious symbols and sacred geometry in my images. I think it comes from my own upbringing with religion, along with my own questions on religion. This one felt like it gave itself to just this kind of image. Dark and mysterious, not able to see, so taking everything on faith. “The sinner”.




During my trip to Texas I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with some amazing models, and meet some amazing people. I was able to work with a beautiful model that goes by Twiggsy Bones. Her and her friend Emily took me to an old abandon hospital in Mineral Springs, Texas. It was a lot of fun just wondering through the building. The kind of place that has the possibly for a good shoot around every corner. I still have a lot to edit from this shoot, but wanted to share this one.




Here is a peek of the images I used to create this work with. Keep an eye out because I will be posting many more images from some amazing shoots from down here in Texas with a lot of amazing models. To this image I processed in Lightroom to give is an edgy look, then brought in a statue of Mary and created a shaped indent in the wall behind her with crumbling edges. Then I brought in a crow, and some texture to give the image a distressed feel.




Model: Twiggsy Instagram Facebook
Guide, Helper, Lookout: Emily



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