The Witches Tarot

I am happy to announce the launch of my kickstarter The Witches Tarot

The Witches Tarot is an original fine art project by artist Chris Madsen of Burning Paper Hearts. This Major Arcana deck is a beautiful and emotional work dedicated to the darker aesthetic. Creating an artistic tarot has long been an aspiration of mine, as my art lends itself well to such a project. However, as a full time artist traveling the country and participating in fine art shows and art festivals, finding the time to dedicate to such a large project has been a challenge. Now, with the onset of the Covid-19 virus, and stay-at-home initiative, the entire festival circuit is shut down for the time being. This has crippled me as well as many other full time artist as we are not able to make income with no shows. As such, I chose to use this time for the creation of the Witch’s Tarot Deck. This project is an awesome way to get way to support a struggling artist while also receiving a unique piece of functional art.

The Witches Tarot is a strong feminine deck with only one male card—a self portrait represented in this collection as The Fool. The deck is a dark, emotional journey of goddess and witch that brings your visions and path to light. I have included 4 additional cards to the deck that bring the underlying theme of feminine power to life: The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone, and Coven. These new archetypes add additional opportunities for the reader. There are also additional cards that may be printed if the stretch goals are made.

I believe great art inspires feeling, memories, and emotion. My work is a blend of photography and mixed media digital art focused on feminine beauty and power. This deck is the result of many years laboring over the love of the craft. The entire Major Arcana has been laid out, a box has been designed, a booklet created. I am now asking for your help in bringing this project to life.

The deck itself will be printed to high quality specs, to make a work that’s as beautiful as it is practical. I decided to print this project in the U.S, as it is now more important than ever to support local companies. The deck will be printed on a sturdy 14pt card stock with a soft touch laminate finish for a velvety feel. A custom die-cut and folded box will hold the cards and booklet with art, and upright as well as reversed meaning for each card. The price for the Kickstarter is a special pre-order price. After the Kickstarter the decks will be $40 each.

Because I am contracting all of the printing and finishing locally with a large commercial grade printer, I will be able to be present at press runs to make sure the quality matches the vision. I am deeply proud of this creation, and look forward to putting this work of art in your hands, and seeing the kind of magic you conjure up.

I am adding two more witch themed cards as the stretch goal. 

$9,000: New CardRitual Magick (see art below)

$10,000: New CardBurn at the Stake (see art below)