Three Black Moons is the newest Oracle Deck by Chris Madsen. 

After releasing The Witches Tarot Major Arcana in 2020, and The Witches Tarot Full Deck, I received an outpouring of support from you, the community, that has allowed me to create my third deck, Three Black Moons. I am so grateful for the success of my first decks and excited to release this newest creation into the world. 

Three Black Moons is a shadow deck designed to help you connect with the deepest parts of your being as you move through difficult, soul-searching work. Created with shadow work in mind, this deck will help you explore your unconscious and find the tools to heal trauma, deal with loss, or get direction and clarity for life. 

I am the artist, Chris Madsen. Using a blend of photography and digital manipulation, I create feminine, cinematic images to portray pure emotion in a dark and reverent way. I travel across the country selling my art at festivals and expos where I meet so many people and get much-needed feedback that truly feeds my soul. Over the last few years, and after much inquiry, I have been working on this deck with new images, concepts, and layouts. I am excited for the freedom to create something that resonates with you. 

Thank you for the support you have shown me so far. It is an honor to create these decks for you, and I look forward to completing this project and hearing about your experience with Three Black Moons.

This deck contains 52 cards of original art.
Written by Chris Madsen and April Stark

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